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Chance of Rain on Your Walk? Dog Strollers Keep Fido Dry

PetZip Pet Happy Trailer Dog Jogging Stroller - BlueIt’s hard — sometimes impossible — to convince yourself to go for a walk when there is a drizzle and your jogging buddy will just bring home that “wet dog” smell. Making excuses is easier than actually doing it, but you don’t have to let the rain stop you. Dog strollers (or really any pet strollers) can keep your dog nice and dry while you get the workout you needed.

PetZip Dog Strollers

PetZip offers a wide range of high quality and high style pet strollers that your dog will love to take a ride in. From joggers to trailers, there is a lot the PetZip brand has to offer.

Pet Zip 1st Class Dog Joggers A601

The “Louie” Monogram Pet Stroller ($169.95) is a fabulous luxury stroller that offers a cute print with dog bones, bowls and treats. With plenty of storage space and three wheels that can handle rough terrain, you can take the monogram pet stroller anywhere. It comes in both cream and black colors.

The 1st Class PetZip Stroller ($164.95) is another great pick if you like to go jogging with your dog. With a adjustable top cover, your dog can enjoy watching the world whirl by or stay tucked inside the compartment to avoid the rain. Plenty of storage space is available in the bottom and this model comes in four colors: pink, blue, yellow or camouflage.

PetZip Sports XL Dog Stroller

For slightly bigger dogs, the Sports XL dog strollers ($129.95) can hold dogs up to 40 pounds and has a spacious cabin so your dog can turn around and get comfortable. Available in lime green, orange or blue, this is one style of dog strollers that are great for walks in the park and going to the vet’s office.

PetZip Pet Happy Trailer Dog Jogging Stroller – Blue

Want a little more versatility in your pet strollers? The Happy Trailer ($264.95) can be pushed from behind while you walk, or you can use the bicycle attachments to go on a bike ride with your canine friend (and not have to worry about letting go of the leash!). It can hold dogs up to 75 pounds.


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